lundi 13 février 2017

Anna Plesset

"Various Records" (Current Work)   The impetus for this project is a film my grandfather began as a psychiatrist in WWII. Sometime after landing on the shore of Normandy in the fall of 1944, he traded a P38 pistol for a 16mm camera and subsequently documented the immediate aftermath of the war, his furloughs in Paris and Switzerland, and the post-war period after he returned home. Over the course of twenty-four minutes the aggressively fragmented film oscillates between the devastation of war and the pleasures encountered in nature, culture, and everyday life.   In 2011, I retraced my grandfather’s path through Europe using the film as a guide. The work I have been making in response seeks to make this physical and psychological journey tangible by depicting juxtapositions of war, trauma, suffering and everyday life alongside various records: my grandfather’s record of his experience by way of the film, the record of my own journey using the film as my guide, and the dominant narrative of WWII constructed and mediated by institutions, books, and other media.
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